Tax Negotiators

Regain Control in 4 Easy Steps

Tax Negotiators will hear your story and help work a plan to suit your needs, there is no cookie cutter solution.

Step 1

No Obligation Consultation

Get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange for a no-cost consultation with you.
We’ll talk with you about your company situation and answer any questions. By the end of our meeting you’ll know exactly what your options are and what will happen next.

Step 2

Financial Assessment

We’ll look at your company financials and then work out a strategy that best suits your situation. It might be a Voluntary Administration & Restructure (or a Liquidation if we don’t think your company can be saved). Either way, we’ll be upfront and share with you our professional opinion.

Step 3

Pathway to Review

You’ll have the choice of which way to go – getting your debts under control (either formally or informally) or walking away cleanly. Whichever option you choose, our helpful and understanding staff will be there for you.

Step 4

Providing you with your options

If you’re keen to save your company, we’ll enact any formal processes required, and work with you to put your company in a better position.