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About Tax Negotiators

With over 50 years of combined experience and the ability to identify solutions, the team at Tax Negotiators are in your corner.

Focus on Tax

In Australia the biggest trigger for Company Liquidations is the Australian Tax Office.

Let us work with you to explore all your options and assist you in making the right decisions with regards to addressing your Tax Debts.

The ATO is different to other Creditors because it has the right to demand payment and take money from you without having to prove the Debt.


The ATO are now starting to re-coup the $55 BILLION dollars they are owed in tax debt by Australian businesses. Have you received a letter?


What happens if you do not pay your tax debt?


  • ATO is authorised to collect the debt direct from your bank, wages or any payments directly to the ATO
  • Recover debts from you personally as a director of the company
  • Hire a debt collection agency to collect payment on the ATO’s behalf
  • Begin the bankruptcy or liquidation process

80% of our clients keep their home and are set up so they can pay their debt and continue doing business.


Do not suffer in silence. We are here to guide you with our friendly team of professionals.


There is not always one solution. Tax Negotiators will hear your story and help work a plan to suit your needs, there is not only one cookie cutter solution here.


Some options may include negotiating a repayment plan with the ATO, refinancing existing Mortgages to pay out the Tax Debt or potentially restructuring your business so you can get a fresh start.


Remember we work for you, the Director, and our aim is to look at ways to protect your assets and preserve your wealth whilst achieving the best possible outcome for you and your Business.

We have a full background in accounting, a full understanding of tax law and importantly we are a compassionate team who understand the ups and downs of tax debt and that behind every business is a family. We are a small team dedicated to getting the best results for individuals and businesses.

Our Team and Partners

At Tax Negotiators we are focused on finding a solution for you, each journey is tailored.

Why? Each story is different, you are different.

At Tax Negotiators we will represent you to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), support, educate and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best outcome.