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Business Tax Debt

If you have unpaid business taxes and need assistance with your business tax debt, contact Tax Negotiators today.

Business Tax Obligations

The ATO’s Disclosure of Business Tax Debt program is aimed at helping small businesses deal with their tax debts. It also wants to address the unfair financial advantage some who fail to meet their business tax obligations have over their competitors. Unless your business tax debts are managed and paid, they may disclose them to credit reporting agencies (CRBs).

Our financial experts at Tax Negotiators have a complete understanding of tax law and an impressive background in accounting. We understand the peaks and valleys of business and tax debt and that there is a family behind every company. We can help you with a business tax payment arrangement acceptable to you and the ATO so you avoid being reported to credit bureaus.  Don’t wait. Call us today to help.

Business Debt: What You Need to Know

Your tax debt may be disclosed to credit reporting bureaus if:

  • You have an ABN (Australian business number).
  • You aren’t negotiating with the ATO to manage your tax debt or sort out a debt management plan.
  • You have at least $100,000 in overdue tax debt amounts, it is more than 90 days due and you have one or more tax debts.
  • You have not lodged a complaint with the Inspector-General of Taxation regarding the ATO’s intention to report its tax debt information to an agency.

Unpaid Business Taxes

If you’re struggling with your small business finances and find it hard to repay your business tax debt, we encourage you to reach out for help today. You mustn’t leave it one more day but act now.

The ATO may respond leniently should you have experienced financial hardship due to a family tragedy or a natural disaster that has affected your business, leaving you with cash flow issues. Also, if you cannot pay your income tax obligations due to a severe illness, there may be a solution, but you must let the ATO know about it.

Call in the Tax Negotiators

Tax debt is where we can help since it is our area of expertise. Our team of skilled financial experts at Tax Negotiators can help clearly state your exceptional circumstances to the ATO to find the best solution to your business tax debt. Don’t put it all aside for another day. The sooner you deal with the situation and make informed decisions, the better it will be.

Make the Right Decisions on Your Business Tax Debts

The Australian Tax Office is very different from other creditors because it can demand payment and take your money without proving that you even owe them anything. And the ATO is on a mission right now to retrieve $55 BILLION owed in Australian business tax debt.

If You Don’t Pay Your Tax Debt, This is What Happens:

  • The Australian Tax Office can legally collect the debt straight out of your bank account, from your wages or other payments.
  • Recoup debts from you either as a company director or personally.
  • Call in debt collectors to retrieve the money owed.
  • Begin the liquidation or bankruptcy.

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