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Business Debt Help

Tax Negotiators provide business tax debt help services for your company’s needs.

When your business debt starts to grow and your business is in financial difficulty, we understand how hard it is for you to admit you need business debt help. However, all businesses face debt, and many don’t recover and have to go bankrupt. So don’t be among those small businesses that fail, whether you’re a sole trader or run a large company.

At Tax Negotiators, we know how to get you back on your feet, and if things have been allowed to get to the worst possible scenario, don’t fret. We can still help, even if it means navigating liquidation. But we don’t want to see your business in that dire state.

Seek Professional Advice

Let us partner with you and help you deal with whatever has caused the debt to become unmanageable and threaten your business survival. Seek professional help from Tax Negotiators today about your business finances and business tax obligations. Providing support to small business owners with business debt is what we do every day, and we have more than 50 years of combined experience and expertise to find solutions.

Our Tax Negotiators team is on your side, so call us for free advice in the form of a no cost consultation to discuss your debt. Let us do what we do best and remove the stress of your tax debts and other money you owe so you can get on with running your business.

Help With Business Tax Debt

It’s a fact of life that both individuals and businesses go broke. But Tax Negotiators is all about preventing that from happening to you. Our expert team of financial professionals know time is crucial when it comes to help with business tax debt, and a quick solution could mean keeping or losing your small business operation.

Leaving your business tax debt unpaid can lead to serious problems with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and can leave you open to legal action. The following may ensue:

  • The ATO can disclose your debt to credit reporting bureaus (CRBs)
    When CRBs add tax debt information to credit reports, your business will have a bad credit score that could hinder future applications for business loans.
  • Debt collectors
    If you owe money to the Australian tax office and don’t engage with them or arrange payment plans, it can mean your business tax debt is referred to a debt collector.
  • Penalties
    If your business tax debt is unpaid and builds up, the ATO can issue you with garnishee notices, a statutory demand, director penalty notices and begin insolvency proceedings.

To avoid these actions and penalties, contact Tax Negotiators without delay so we can negotiate with the ATO on behalf of your business to discuss payment options for your unpaid business tax debt.

If you are experiencing serious hardship or have personal debt, we may be able to help you with debt consolidation for your unpaid tax debt to help you manage. If your financial situation requires a business loan, we may be able to advise you on your best options for interest payments.

We know tax law and can offer sound advice for the best solution to your tax bill and financial hardship.

How to Overcome Debt in Business

Our Tax Negotiators expert financial specialists have the background, knowledge and experience in overcoming debt in business. We’ve helped countless large and small businesses, sole traders, and others in financial hardship. We focus on your well-being as a small business owner going through the stress of dealing with business debts, fringe benefits tax, superannuation obligations and activity statements.

We offer to reach out to your creditors, whether it’s a tax debt with the ATO or others and negotiate a payment plan. We can help with a more formal insolvency process if needed to rehabilitate your company through a restructure, or a voluntary administration to close the business through liquidation.

Business Tax Help Near Me

If you’re searching the Internet for a “business tax help near me” for a company to help you solve your business debts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Tax Negotiators today. We are business debt helpers and assist people in situations like yours every day to keep the business wheels turning. The best time to ask for business debt help is now, so contact us today. You’ll be glad you took action.