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Tax Advisory Services

With over 50 years of collective industry experience, the team at Tax Negotiators are focused on providing specialised, professional and current advice to its clients through our direct services

Company Directors, Sole Traders and individuals that are facing financial distress can access our expertise as they require it – we pride ourselves on being present, committed and available to our clients when we are needed to answer those tough questions.

Debt Evaluation

Once we have evaluated your situation and how we can help, we will speak direct with the ATO.

This is an important for us to do so we can understand the whole situation. Most of our clients often don’t know how much they are in debt, or what their situation means for them. We will evaluate this and explain it to you, so that you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

At this stage, we also seek a stay of any recovery action, which gives time to do a full review and in-depth evaluation and work with you on the best way to proceed. We discuss and agree costs at this point.

Debt Action

We can assist with a variety of debt situations:

  • If you have outstanding debt you’ve not addressed, we help you resolve this.
  • If you have an existing payment arrangement, we can almost always negotiate better terms for you.
  • If interest and penalties make up any part of your debt (whether a payment plan is in place or not) we can negotiate a full or partial refund of those amounts.

We will deal with:

Overdue Tax Returns

  • There are so many reasons why people do not pay their tax; too busy, away, forgot, dealing with other everyday issues with your business and as it is not your core business and you do not understand it, it is hte first thing to get pushed to the side. Well, guess what? It is our speciality and we are here to help!
  • Tax Negotiators will help sort out your overdue tax returns. One, two or 10 years behind we will ensure you get you up to date, we will also help negotiate any interests and penalties you have with the ATO.

Overdue BAS Returns

Didn’t lodge your BAS on time?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) can issue heavy late lodgement penalties and fines. We can help navigate you through this and in the future avoid late lodgement fines altogether with a plan!

Contact us immediately as ‘Failure to lodge on time’ (FTL) penalties increase every 28 days if ignored, we will help negotiate these penalties, sometimes avoiding them altogether.


We can negotiate a longer payment term and avoid fees and penalties. Having a plan in place is better – call us today!

If you have already received a BAS FTL notice we still may be able to help negotiate an extension. Each case is different, call us today so we can discuss your circumstances and give you advice on the next steps.

Time is of the essence with these cases – contact us immediately.

Interest, Penalties and Refunds

Have you had or do you have a tax debt? If you have had it for sometimes you are likely to have a fairly large amount in fee, penalties and charges. One way we can help is by negotiating these penalties and sometimes getting a refund.

We understand tax, the fees and penalties, we also understand that the ATO and we can help negotiate on your behalf, help get your debt under control; and keep you in business.

Understand – there is only one chance to request a refund, after which a court application is required. Make sure you get help from the right team who understand tax debt, you and your business.

Need help with:

Activity Statements

If you have a small business, you wear multiple hats. With countless deliverables to keep your small business running, the ATO issues fines and penalties, which can be very severe if you fail to lodge Business Activity Statements. It can seem like a non-essential tactic that is easy to push to the side when things get hectic.

Our partners can manage and ensure they have all the information to prepare and submit your BAS on time while reviewing your transactions and make sure you are not paying TOO much tax, allowing you to get on with your business!

Tax Debt Negotiation

In our team we have a collective knowledge of over 50 years of working in tax debt resolution . This gives us a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to ensure we deliver a compelling solution for each individual situation. We will represent you and negotiate on your behalf in regards to a debt repayment plan which is financially manageable for you and your business. We will ensure a positive working relationship with the tax office. We work with you in four easy steps, keeping you in the loop each step of the way.

Payment Plans

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is becoming more proactive in its debt collection policies given the billions owing in unpaid tax debt.

Often the ATO will enforce action to recover the debt, leaving you in a worse position. The best way forward is to be pro-active and take control of the situation. We can help to negotiate a payment plan.

Not Sure if you need a payment plan?

If you cannot afford to pay your tax debt, you certainly cannot afford to ignore it. The ATO has a number of aggressive recovery tactics on Australian business owners who have not paid their tax debt, or negotiated a payment plan. These include:

  • Garnishee Notice
  • Director Penalty Notice (DPN)  or;
  • Statutory Demand

A payment plan is a way for businesses to pay their debt by instalments. This helps small business owners:

  • Manage their cash flow
  • Repay their tax debt
  • Avoid unnecessary insolvency action
  • Keep their business

What does this mean for me?

Garnishee Order

A garnishee order is a serious matter as it means a court order has been implemented to allow creditors to recover debt from third parties. They can do this in a number of ways, including taking money from the debtor’s bank account and/or from their salary.

If a garnishee order is made against you, then your bank, financial institution, or employer will likely be notified rather than you. Garnishee orders can be served to anyone that owes money, such as tenants or contractors.

Having a garnishee order made against you can be intimidating, but the sooner you act, the sooner you may be able to put a stop to the order.

Director Penalty Notices (DPN)

A director penalty notice is a notice the ATO sends to a company director in one of several circumstances. For example, the notice can make the director personally liable for either the company’s pay as you go (PAYG) withholding requirements or superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) liabilities.

There are two types of director penalty notices. The first is a traditional notice where the director receives a warning. They then have 21 days to act to avoid liability. The second type of notice, a lockdown penalty notice, is an automatic personal liability notice. It is effective as soon as the ATO serves it on the director.

We can navigate the process. We will then assess the situation and work with you and support you to achieve the best outcome.

Stat Demand

A statutory demand is a written warning from a creditor. It will state that if you don’t pay your debt or come to another arrangement that’s acceptable to the creditor, they may start court proceedings to make you bankrupt.