Running a business involves numerous financial obligations, including the timely submission of Business Activity Statements (BAS) to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). However, circumstances may arise where a business is unable to meet its BAS obligations, resulting in a default notice from the ATO. This can be a distressing situation for any business owner. The good news is that our professional team at Tax Negotiators are equipped to assist you during this challenging time. 

Understanding the BAS Default Notice:

A Business Activity Statement default notice is issued by the ATO when a business fails to meet its BAS lodgment or payment obligations. It serves as a warning that immediate action is required to rectify the default and avoid further consequences. The notice may outline the outstanding amounts, any penalties or interest incurred, and provide a timeframe for resolution.

At Tax Negotiators, we specialise in assisting businesses facing tax-related challenges, including BAS defaults. Our in-depth knowledge of tax laws, regulations, and ATO policies allows us to navigate the negotiation process on behalf of your business, striving to find mutually beneficial resolutions with the tax authorities.

Assessing the Situation:

Upon receiving a BAS default notice, we will analyse your business’s financial situation and circumstances to understand the reasons behind the default. From there, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment, examining factors such as cash flow challenges, unforeseen circumstances, or any errors in the previous BAS submissions.

Developing a Negotiation Strategy:

Based on our assessment, our expert team will devise a negotiation strategy tailored to your unique situation. We will advocate on behalf of your business, presenting a clear and comprehensive case to the ATO. The aim is to negotiate for a favourable outcome, which may include payment arrangements, reduction of penalties, or interest remission.

Liaising with the ATO:

One of the primary roles of our team is to act as a liaison between you and the ATO. We will handle all communication, ensuring that the appropriate channels are utilised to convey your business’s position. This relieves you as the business owner of the stress and complexities associated with direct communication with tax authorities.

Resolving the BAS Default:

Through skillful negotiation, we will work towards resolving the BAS default in the best interest of your business. This may involve negotiating suitable payment plans, arranging instalment agreements, or requesting the removal or reduction of penalties. Our expertise enables us to present a compelling case, taking into account your business’s financial capacity and other relevant circumstances.

Future Compliance and Support:

At Tax Negotiators, we can go beyond resolving your BAS default and provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure future compliance. We can offer valuable insights on record-keeping practices, tax obligations, and strategies to avoid similar situations in the future. This proactive approach helps businesses stay on top of their tax responsibilities and maintain a healthy relationship with the ATO.

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Receiving a Business Activity Statement default notice can be a stressful experience for any business. However, engaging the services of our professional team at Tax Negotiators can provide much-needed support and expertise during this challenging time. From assessing your situation to developing negotiation strategies and liaising with the ATO, we act as your advocates, working towards finding favourable resolutions. 

Let us help you navigate through the complexities of the negotiation process, provide relief and pave the way for future compliance. If you have received a BAS default notice, contact our friendly team at Tax Negotiators today!

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