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Tax Negotiators provide company debt management plan services for your company’s needs.

As onerous as financial planning and debt management may be, it’s a ‘necessary evil’ for all businesses. Staying on top of your obligations ensures your company continues to run like a well-oiled machine. However, with today’s excessive payment options available, combined with unfavourable economic conditions, it is easy to be blindsided by debt.

Implementing a debt management plan at the first sign of financial difficulty is essential to avoid incurring fees and interest. If left unaddressed, debt could even result in your creditors taking serious legal action against you, which could lead to bankruptcy.

Although forming a plan to manage your business’s debt may seem overwhelming, with the assistance of the right debt management companies it can be easy and stress-free. Debt solutions such as payment plans, debt negotiation and consolidating multiple lines of credit into a single repayment can quickly turn a business’s financial position around.

Company Debt Management

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At Tax Negotiators, our friendly team are Australia’s trusted experts in debt management. Over 80% over our clients save their home and business thanks to our comprehensive and tailored approach to managing debt. We have both formal and informal solutions to quickly and effectively reduce fees and increase cash flow, allowing companies to pay off their debt at a feasible pace.

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Get a Tax Debt Management Plan Tailored to Your Company

A debt management plan is the methods by which companies consolidate, reduce and repay their debts with the assistance and professional services of a registered tax agent. These strategies allow debtors to pay back their creditors at a rate they can afford until they are debt free.

At Tax Negotiators, we are focused on providing tailored plans to suit our client’s needs. By considering each business’s financial position alongside its unique industry, goals and processes, we can provide a more accurate and effective solution to paying back the money they owe.

Tax Debt Management Plan

Tax Negotiators’ 4 Steps To Regain Control

Our ‘4 Steps to Regain Control’ program makes dealing with outstanding debts surprisingly simple:


    We offer a free consultation for you to tell us about your financial situation and find out how we can help. This allows you to have any initial queries answered and ensure that our team are the right fit for your needs.


    Our professional and experienced team can analyse your financial situation and provide you with a range of tailored solutions, removing the stress most business owners face of not knowing where to start to pay back multiple debts. We will be upfront, honest and share our professional opinion.


    You have complete control to decide how you want to proceed with your company. We will guide you through the tailored solutions we have devised and explain our processes. You may choose to implement the strategies to start paying of your debt, or walk away cleanly. Regardless of your choice, you will have professional advice and assistance on hand and a empathetic team to support you.


    If you’re keen to save your business, we will enact any formal processes required. You can feel confident knowing you have a dedicated team of debt negotiators backing you. We will help you to regain control of your business finances as soon as possible; avoiding debt collectors, legal action or any threat of escalation to legal proceedings.

Why Choose Tax Negotiators?

Choosing the professionals at Tax Negotiators means you have a whole team of experienced and compassionate individuals to support you. Running a business, alone, takes an incredible amount of time, money and energy; so add to that the pressure of trying to navigate debt and you have a situation where ‘many hands make light work’.

At Tax Negotiators, we can take care of everything for you. We can handle all communication and negotiations with debt collectors, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other creditors on your behalf, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Debt Management Strategies

Not all businesses are the same; so not all debt management strategies are effective. In order to be successful, companies must implement debt management plans that are appropriate for their unique circumstances. Moreover, it’s important to employ solutions that cater to long-term success, as opposed to ‘quick fix’ solutions that can actually be detrimental in the long-run.

At Tax Negotiators, we can guide you towards the right solutions to ensure you get debt free and stay debt free. These may include:


Payment plans are an arrangement that allow debtors to pay back money they owe in instalments over a set period of time. This financial strategy enables companies to afford and better manage their debt repayments by regulating cash flow.

Before approving a payment plan, the ATO may require companies to demonstrate their ongoing viability. To do this, they may request financial information and details regarding gross margins, liabilities and working capital.

Sole traders, individuals and businesses that owe less than $100,000 may set up a payment plan online, over the phone or through their registered tax or bas agent.


Small businesses with business activity statement debt of up to $50,000 may be eligible for an interest free payment plan. Other eligibility criteria for businesses include that:

  • they must not have an annual turnover exceeding $2 million
  • the debt must not be more than 12 months overdue
  • they must have a good history of payment
  • they must have a good history of lodging tax returns and business activity statements by their due date
  • they are unable to secure finance
  • they are able to substantiate viability

Interest free payment plans must be paid via direct debit within 12 months. Missed or late payments could result in future payment plans being denied, so it is essential to pay each instalment on time.

Payment Plans


Debt negotiation is the process of contacting creditors to arrange revised and more favorable repayment terms. This is beneficial to all parties as it steadies cash flow and prevents the accumulation of more debt for debtors, and ensures creditors are paid.

Debt negotiation is often an effective solution in situations where an ATO payment plan is denied. Through negotiation, companies can often reduce their principal debt as well as any associated late payment fees, penalties and the general interest charge. The ATO and other creditors are receptive to debt negotiation as they understand that periods of financial stress are common in business and ultimately, it helps to ensure they are paid.


It some circumstances, companies may be released from their debt entirely if they have been subject to extreme, mitigating circumstances. Such extenuating circumstances may include hardship caused by:

  • Serious illness
  • A natural disaster
  • A relationship breakdown
  • The loss of a loved one


Negotiating the money you owe against a tax debt can be overwhelming, so it’s important to seek the services of a professional tax agent. At Tax Negotiators, we are experienced in negotiating tax and activity statement debt for our clients, ensuring they only pay the minimum amount required. Additionally, if you have been subject to extenuating circumstances we can effectively represent your situation to the ATO and work towards having your tax debt waived.

Debt Negotiation


Debt consolidation loans are another way to efficiently manage debt and eliminate unnecessary costs. Companies that owe money against multiple business loans or debts, to multiple creditors, can simplify their repayments by rolling everything into a single line of regular repayments.

With a single interest rate to maintain, this method enables businesses to more easily calculate their costs and manage their finances. Additionally, by consolidating multiple debts into one line of regular payments, businesses are less likely to make late payments or forget to pay altogether. As a result, they are also less likely to incur penalties, default on a plan or loan, or overextend their spending; consequently, this can improve their credit score and ability to obtain finance or a loan in the future.

Debt consolidation loans are generally most effective on smaller debts or unsecured debts as they tend to carry the highest interest charges. Unsecured debts are those that are not tied to any property as collateral for the loan.


At Tax Negotiators, we are the experts in identifying and implementing the best debt solutions for Australian businesses. Our effective debt management plans are designed to turn things around for businesses facing even extreme cases of financial difficulty; in turn, helping to prevent personal liability, insolvency or bankruptcy.

We can take care of negotiations with the ATO and other creditors on your behalf to alleviate your stress and worry. Our dedicated team will work to negotiate down your debt, interest rate and any associate penalties. We can effectively present your case to secure the most favourable payment plan possible. Additionally, if you have an existing payment plan we can negotiate the terms to suit your business’s ever-changing needs.

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Company Debt Professional Advice

Manage Cash Flow and Debt with Tax Negotiators

With the expert services of our friendly team at Tax Negotiators, you can get on top of your debt and tax obligations, once and for all. By taking charge of your finances, you can prevent accumulating further fees, penalties and bad debt. Additionally, a strong debt management plan can prevent debts from being handed to a debt collector or escalated to legal proceedings.


The ATO have harsh recovery methods for businesses that fail to pay, including director penalty notices (DPN), garnishee notices and bankruptcy notices. If left unaddressed, these recovery methods have the ability to impose personal liability or wind-up your business.

Debt management plans allow businesses to retain the cash flow required to float their operations and fuel business growth. This ensures that businesses can pay their debt off at a rate that is not detrimental to their ongoing viability.

Manage Cash Flow

Hire a Trusted Tax Debt Management Service in Australia

At Tax Negotiators, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to tackling debt. Our highly trained team are focussed on delivering effective solutions with speed, compassion and a commitment to customer service.

Our services include a thorough assessment of your financials, so that we can offer tailored solutions based on detailed information and research. As a result, we can ensure that any payment plan, consolidated loan or debt management plan entered into is realistic, attainable and manageable.

In addition to our comprehensive services, we are backed by positive testimonials and years of industry experience. Combined, our team has an incredible service record of over 50 years, making us unrivalled in the industry.

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A business’s success and ongoing viability is dependant on how well its financial obligations and payments are managed. Navigating tax debt, loans and multiple lines of credit is nearly impossible to achieve accurately without a thorough debt management plan.

With the assistance of the team at Tax Negotiators, you can negotiate down your tax debt, interest rate and related fees to significantly reduce the overall debt you have to pay. A payment plan can be arranged with the ATO as part of your tailored debt management plan, preserving much-needed cash flow.

Debt can also be effectively managed through a debt consolidation loan. In this strategy, multiple lines of credit are consolidated into a single loan and direct debit payment, allowing businesses to more easily track their expenses.

Seeking professional help at the first sign of financial hardship offers the best chance of recovery. If you are struggling to meet loan payments, tax debt or credit card payments as they fall due, contact the expert team at Tax Negotiators and get an effective debt management plan today!

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