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If you have unpaid corporate taxes and need assistance with your corporate tax debt, contact Tax Negotiators today.

Corporate debt is a reality, but if you allow your unpaid tax obligations to accrue without some form of strategy or management plan, things can quickly get out of hand. Australian Taxation Office (ATO) debts cannot be ignored, so if you’ve received an ATO warning letter or letter of demand, you need to call Tax Negotiators without delay. If you’re a small business owner or a large corporation trawling the internet looking for a “corporate tax debt specialist near me” or a trusted accountant to help you deal with the consequences of corporate tax debt, our experts at Tax Negotiators in Melbourne are ready to offer assistance.

Our team of corporate tax debt specialists comprise trusted Chartered Accountants, Legal Professionals, Business and Home Loan Specialists and Consultants who specialise in solutions to all tax return and ATO matters. Struggling with corporate tax debt? Call Tax Negotiators.

Consequences of Unpaid Corporate Taxes

The consequences of unpaid corporate taxes are grim and you do not want to go there. For example, should your business meet specific negative benchmarks, the ATO can choose to divulge your tax debt details to a credit reporting agency or bureau. The only way to circumvent this dire ATO action, and a negative credit rating, is to engage with the ATO to resolve your tax debt. And the best way to do that is to call Tax Negotiators to engage with the ATO on your behalf to find a way to repay the debt in instalments or through consolidation. This way, the ATO will not report your tax debt.

You Will Be Reported to a Credit Reporting Agency if:

  • You have one or more tax debts overdue by more than 90 days.
  • You have failed to engage with the ATO to manage your corporate tax debt.
  • You have an Australian business number (ABN).
  • Your company has tax debts of at least $100,000.
  • You have not complained to the Inspector-General of Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO) about the ATO’s intention to report your business tax debt information to a credit reporting agency.
  • You are not an excluded entity, i.e a deductible gift recipient, a complying superannuation fund, a registered charity or a government entity.

Tax Negotiators can negotiate tax debt on behalf of your business.

Manage Debt with a Corporate Tax Specialist

Engaging a corporate tax debt specialist is crucial to the success of your company. The professional financial advisors at Tax Negotiators can ensure your business takes full advantage of our expertise and experience in helping our clients manage corporate debt. Should your small business be in debt with the ATO or have financial difficulty, our tax debt specialist and other professionals can help with a debt settlement.

Corporate Tax Debt and Hardship

If you’re experiencing hardship or can’t pay your tax debt under exceptional circumstances, it’s crucial to get in touch with a corporate tax debt specialist now. Whether you hire big accounting firms or small, the ATO won’t accept your hardship unless you engage with them or call on accounting services from a corporate tax specialist such as Tax Negotiators.

Hardship is categorised as a serious illness or loss from fire, flood, other natural disasters, or family tragedy. In this situation, the ATO may agree to a debt management plan on compassionate grounds. Experiencing hardship? Contact our corporate tax specialist team at Tax Negotiators today.

Corporate Tax Specialist Near Me

If you’re scrolling through topics such as “corporate tax experts near me” to find business advisory firms or trusted accountants to help with your tax debt, you’ve come to the right place. Our knowledgeable corporate income tax returns experts have the skills to offer affordable, reliable and accurate services to businesses, whether large or small. We understand every aspect of corporate tax law in Australia and work with countless industries in our community and further afield, offering helpful advice you can trust.

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Should your company be experiencing financial difficulties now or at tax time that prevents you from paying your corporate tax debt, you need to act now and call on the support of a team of professionals. Your options may include negotiating a repayment plan with the ATO, refinancing existing Mortgages to pay out the tax debt or potentially restructuring your business and then passing it on to a Liquidator to dissolve the debt in full so you can start afresh. Contact the team at Tax Negotiators today at 1300 277 148 or email